The Department of Gifted Education is one of the most important institutions providing postgraduate education in this particular area in Turkey. Courses are given by world-renowned faculty members.
Courses on the such as screening, identification, and measurement of gifted and education and follow-up programs to be prepared for gifted individuals are included in our program. In the process of preparation of graduate courses, which are based on current international literature, we always take into consideration the student's achievements and efficient educational outcomes. The Department, which received the first graduate students in February 2018, will give its first graduates in January 2020. It is among our priorities to all the knowledge and skills that a master's degree’s requirements and a Master student should acquire and also gain an interdisciplinary perspective due to the nature of the gifted education field. Our Ph.D. program is under preparation and it will be the of the pioneers in Turkey. For any queries about our department, you can contact us at the e-mail address below.


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